An increase in customer loyalty of only 5% can increase lifetime profits per customer by as much as 95%

At IMS we don’t just do branding! We look at your brand strategically and determine what improvements can be made based on real evidence that we collect from your target audience, your employees and maybe even your competitors.

Our strategic approach to branding ensures your identity is differentiated from that of your competitors and will add value to your company’s products and services by creating a unique distinctiveness within the market.

By spending time on site with you and listening to you, we ultimately uncover the unique value you bring to your customers, to create and develop a brand that is truly representative of your company and its products and services.

Using our 3 Step Brand Development Process find out how you can develop and manage your brand and accurately position your company within the market:

Phase 1: Defining Your Brand

  • Evaluate your company vision
  • Establish company internal values
  • Discover customer and external perceptions
  • Develop a comprehensive list of product and service features
  • Evaluate your competitors

Phase 2: Message Development

  • Develop a value proposition
  • Compose brand message, taglines, unique selling points (USP’s)
  • Apply marketing foresight for future developments

Phase 3: Developing the Look and Feel of Your Brand

  • Creative development on new looks for your company
  • Full graphic design service which communicates your value proposition
  • Customer communications planning and implementation

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