At IMS we work with companies to develop a well throughout, creative PR strategy that will increase awareness, create credibility and generate brand awareness.

A well-executed PR Strategy is a tactical tool in generating interest and credibility for your company, technologies and products to help your business achieve optimum results in the media. Engaging in traditional and online PR, we can achieve maximum exposure in print, radio, online media, tv and social media for your company’s announcement.

When defining a PR strategy for clients we generally begin by reviewing and assessing what has worked for your individual company in the past. By analysing the overall amount of positive, negative or neutral coverage we can use this information to conduct a competitive benchmark.

Considering your overall business objectives, we will work with you to develop your key media messages for your given project or promotion. We will work with you to determine an angle and pitch, a press release and ensure that the message being communicated is clear, consistent and in line with your overall strategy. We will identify a number of potential media opportunities and outlets that will be the target of our PR strategy rollout. These might include traditional print medias, radio, online news outlets, magazines, forums, blog spots – this list goes on.

Finally we will develop a plan of attack!

For instance, if you are launching a new medical device application, we might suggest the launch timing be consistent with the Medtech Ireland conference to maximise interest and coverage. We would develop an engaging and interesting press release that we would issue to all of the medial device publications and technology correspondents in various print and online media. We might also suggest that a company spokesperson is interviewed for a profile article in a national media publication or medical magazine. Depending on the target audience and your location we could arrange an interview on radio or possibly on television news.

At IMS we will work with you to maximise the coverage you receive, using our experience, contacts and knowledge of journalistic preferences.

The technical PR services offered by our experienced team include:

  • Traditional and online PR
  • Develop a technical PR plan for your company
  • Copywriting of technical press releases
  • Technical whitepapers
  • Award submissions
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Media interviews and event speaking opportunities
  • Media clippings and reporting
  • PR republishing (social media and internal PR)
  • Media training
  • Crisis communications

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