How To Enhance Your Internal Branding.

The servicescape is the physical surroundings in which a service takes place. A key aspect of the servicescape is corporate branding, such as signs, symbols, and artifacts. Research shows that an ambient servicescape has an effect on both customers and employees.

Oftentimes in B2B marketing, little thought is given to internal corporate branding. Many companies put their best foot forward when it comes to their external branding, whether that be their website or their brochure. However, they often fall short when it comes to internal workplace branding.

Internal branding is just as important as external branding. It provides companies with an opportunity to get their message across to potential clients visiting their facility. For a B2B agency, the internal facility is often the first tangible thing customers see, it is an opportunity to tell your story. Internal branding also provides companies with an opportunity to engage with their employees. The way you want clients and employees to perceive your company should begin internally, with your employees. Employees are often disconnected from the brand, and don’t have a clear understanding of the company’s mission or core value. Internal corporate branding presents companies with an opportunity to change this.

Top Tips to Enhance Customer Site Visits

  • Map out the customer journey –  Generally when a customer is brought on a site visit, there are two to three key touchpoints where they spend the most time, such as the reception area, or meeting rooms. You should take the opportunity to get your brand message across in these areas. Before you begin your internal branding project, do a walkthrough of the facility and identify they key touch points.
  • Set a budget – Whether you have a large or small budget, it is possible to enhance your customer site visits. For larger budgets, it may be feasible to repaint key areas of your facility in brand colours, where for more conservative budgets, it is possible to get printed graphics.
  • Brand consistency – It is essential that your internal brand is consistent with your external brand. One way to easily do this is to incorporate colours from your brand identity throughout the facility.

  • Tell your story – Take this opportunity to highlight your company’s mission statement, guiding principles or major achievements in the history of the company.

  • Educate clients – Use this opportunity to educate your clients about your company and your services. Ensure you have brochures and company literature in the reception area for your guests to read, and if you have a monitor, make sure you have a company presentation or video running.
  • Educate employees – Take this opportunity to educate your employees about the company’s values and mission.
  • Tell your customers – Once all of your internal branding is in place, you should tell your customers about all of the work you have done. Invite them to visit and view the new branding in person, share it on your website and on social media.

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