Improve your LinkedIn Business Profile.

If you search the “Top 5 ways to improve your LinkedIn presence” in any search engine, you’ll find article after article listing the same bullet points:

  1. Update your Profile
  2. Connect with people
  3. Endorsements
  4. Customise your URL
  5. Use a good photo

Whilst most people have the basics achieved when it comes to their own personal profile or when it comes to our business profile how well are we selling it through LinkedIn? Do you need to up your game and if so, what can we do?

LinkedIn is one of the largest B2B social media tools and it is designed to promote professionals and businesses. Creating a branded Company Page and adding on extensions like Showcase Pages can have a significant impact on your company profile.

Company Pages

Company Pages have many benefits from raising brand awareness, recruiting talent and informing current or potential customers of your products and services. LinkedIn Company Pages play a vital role in increasing your presence in search engines and there are many SEO tricks you can use to increase your ranking and visibility. Take the IMS Marketing example below where our LinkedIn page is 4th in the organic search in Google.

Company pages are targeted, so if someone is following your page, they’re clearly interested in your business. Keep your followers updated with interesting articles around your business or industry and if it’s something different or mind blowing your followers will share it too.

People use LinkedIn on a daily basis so it’s the perfect platform to update followers as events arise within your business such as product launches or tradeshows you’re attending.

So if there are 5 ways you can make the most of your company pages:

  1. Brand your page by updating your logo and cover image.
  2. Make your description is unique, don’t just copy and paste from your website.
  3. Ensure your company details are on your page so followers can easily contact you.
  4. Share interesting content that others will want to share and encourage staff to act as LinkedIn ambassadors on your behalf.
  5. Make it easy for people to find you by adding a LinkedIn plug-in to your website or company’s email signature.

Showcase Pages

Showcase Pages are additions to your Company Page which allow you to highlight specific aspects of your brand, services or products. As with Company Pages, you can share updates from your Showcase Pages with your LinkedIn followers, such as events or product launches.

Showcase Pages allow you to promote useful and engaging information that is specific to its target audience. So if for example, you’re a Medical Device company, you can focus your Showcase Pages on a specific therapy area or dedicate a page to a new product you’re launching and share content relating to that topic. By doing so you declutter your message and customers don’t need to scroll through numerous posts to find what they are looking for.

What makes a good Showcase Page?

  1. It is important to take the time to identify your Buyer Personas.
  2. Highlight the most important areas of your business that require a Showcase Page to be set up.
  3. Brand the page to the product or service you are highlighting. Perhaps create a specific Hero Image with your logo and use the logo section for a product image.
  4. Use your company page to promote your Showcase Pages and attract new followers.
  5. Have a Call-to-Action, maybe offer followers an offer they can’t get anywhere else.


Here at IMS Marketing we manage many customers LinkedIn pages and advertising, we also offer LinkedIn training to many businesses’, so if you would like to discuss more about these services with the IMS Marketing team, please call us on 091 739450 or drop an email to [email protected]