Are You Making Good Use of Your Social Media Channels?.

Are You Making Good Use of Your Social Media Channels?

It goes without saying that using social media in today’s world is a fast and effective way of reaching out to your audience and consumers. There are loads of social media channels you can use, covering a variety of content sharing options such as videos, information, news, podcasts, pictures, events etc. With millions of daily users, social media platforms are the perfect way to advertise, sell, and attract customers all over the world.

For Business

LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are the 5 most useful social media platforms when it comes to doing business. Let’s take a look at these in some more detail.


LinkedIn is the by far the most popular and widely used professional social networking platform worldwide and is available in more than 20 languages. It enables professionals of all types from all industries to connect with one another and different businesses. With over 400 million members, it is the ideal opportunity for businesses to locate, promote, sell, and hire candidates. It’s also an effective way to share company news, new products, videos, blogs, etc.


Facebook was the first social networking site in the world to surpass the landmark of 1 billion users, and today has grown to nearly 2 billion users worldwide. That’s a whole lot of profiles! While the majority of people use the social media platform to network with friends and family, businesses use Facebook to market or promote products/services and their brand by using paid Facebook ads, along with using different Facebook apps to sell online.


With 1 billion users, YouTube is the second most used social media platform out there. It is the “largest video-sharing social networking site that enables users to upload and share videos, view them, comment on them and like them.” YouTube is used worldwide and enables users to create their very own YouTube channel where they can upload their own recorded videos. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to share content such as explainer videos or promotional videos on their products/services to reach out to the audience and give them a useful, easy-to-understand method of advertising. Businesses can share links to their website and products directly from their videos, improving traction to their website.


Instagram is a social networking platform based solely around the purpose of sharing photos and videos capturing the best moments of your life, or in the business world, sharing the best content on your products/services. Instagram is a fantastic way for you to promote your business and engage with followers worldwide by giving them an insight into your offering, or sharing ‘behind the scenes’ images that creates an understanding and trustworthy relationship between business and consumer. You can also use Instagram as a method of advertising by posting offers and discounted rates on your business account.


With over 300 million monthly visitors, Twitter is a great way to promote your business. This social networking platform allows users to post short tweets (maximum 140 characters) to write your message to the world. This can contain anything from words to pictures, links to GIFs, and is useful for business to keep in touch with their audience. It’s also an efficient way of dealing with customer queries by offering a 24/7 support line, replying to customer tweets when possible, and posting company news such as upcoming events, recent blog posts etc.

Other useful social media channels

There are loads of useful social media networking sites available for businesses to optimise, including:

Skype – communication-based social networking platform

Google+ – interest-based social networking platform sharing pictures, videos etc.

Pinterest – photo sharing & idea creation social media site

Tumblr – social media blogging platform

Snapchat – image messaging social platform

There’s no doubt that social media marketing is a cheap and effective way of targeting your audience and reaching out to consumers all over the world. Whilst the majority of firms use various channels as a means of advertising, the real question is whether they are converting this into sales.

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