Benefits of Team Building – IMS Delphi Experience.

The IMS team has grown hugely over the past 12 months with the number of employees almost doubling in 2016. In order to develop stronger relationships among our ever expanding team, we recently embarked on a team building retreat in Delphi Adventure Centre.

On our arrival in Delphi, we were split into two teams – the girls Vs the boys. The retreat was filled with challenges that tested and developed our communication, organisational and planning skills, whilst also allowing us to get to know each other outside of a work environment. For each challenge, a new team leader was chosen, giving everyone the responsibility to lead the team throughout the day.

Overall the retreat was a huge success, and benefited both the IMS team as a whole and all of the members individually. Below are some of the benefits that we have gained from the retreat:

Improved Relationships

First and foremost, the retreat was a great opportunity for the IMS team to get to know each other outside of a work environment. Members of the team who usually do not work together had the chance to work as a team and to get to know one another on a more personal level.


At IMS, planning is a key element to successfully complete client projects. Planning was also key to the successful completion of the majority of the tasks at Delphi. During the first challenge, both teams jumped in, all guns blazing, with little to no planning, and we quickly failed and were sent back to the start. At this stage, we realised that a few minutes spent planning at the beginning of each challenge lead to a better end result.


The retreat challenged and developed both our verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Whilst completing the challenges, verbal communication was completely restricted and therefore had to communicate with one another using non-verbal skills.


As we had to rely on other team members throughout the day, we developed a sense of trust in one another that we didn’t have before. One particular task involved the team being blindfolded and relying on our team leader to guide us through a bog obstacle course.

Overall, the IMS team have a stronger relationships as a result of the retreat and we also work better as a team. We would recommend a team building retreat for any company looking to build a more effective team.

We brought a GoPro along with us to document the day, watch the video below.