OMiG Digital Summit 2016 Review

On Thursday the 21st of January IMS attended and sponsored the second annual OMiG Digital Marketing Awards.

The night was a resounding success, with interesting topics being discussed by engaging and experienced speakers. For a full list of speaker details please click on the following highlighted link.
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The event was held in Galway’s Radisson Blu Hotel and is run on a completely voluntary bases. The high standard of content and production is a credit to all the OMiG team.

The three content topics/ themes were: Content Marketing, Data Analytics for Marketers and Social Media Marketing.

Read the top 5  Take-Aways from the event below.

Content is King! Yes, I know it is message that anyone is marketing has been hearing for years but it is still important for anyone looking to grow their online presence. This topic was deemed so important that it was the title of the first panel discussion of the night with Grainne Redmond of Eir, Natalie Roper of The Guardian and Aaron Chalke of Media Works.

Read Natalie Roper’s rules for choosing and creating content below;

  • Research. Know your demographics and technologies.
  • Stay authentic. Stay true to your brand.
  • Decide before you create what platform you will use to promote.
  • Know what KPI’s do you need to achieve before you begin.
Analytics Analytics are of utmost importance in any business efforts and none more so than in Digital Marketing.  Aislinn Connolly from Google demonstrated the power of Google Analytics at the event. Aislinn stressed the importance of setting goals. “Think of goals as the purpose of your website. Setting up goals in your google analytics is imperative to measuring the success/ failures of your website. Google Analytics is a great free tool that anyone who manages a website should be using. I would also installing Google Webmaster tools on your website to gain a further in depth analysis of the activity and goals or your website.
Video The importance of video was repeated by numerous speakers at the event. How to measure the results of your video campaigns was explained by Lillian Gallager of The Company of Huskies. “Look at your total engagement – impressions, reach and organic versus paid engagement, but organic is what you always want the most of.”
Social Media  Social media strategy is driven by content. Social Media Channels are the tools use to spread the message of your website. Great content in the form of website content, blogs and videos on your website should be shared out via the relevant social media channels to expand your reach and also to meet your customer where they are.
Digital Strategy  ‘It is not Digital Strategy, It is strategy in a Digital World!’ This quote sums up the overall feelings of the night. Digital Marketing is no longer a sub set of overall marketing activities. We live in a digital world and therfore to make an impact and reach our customers  everyone must have a strong digital strategy to be successful.

IMS Competition Winner!

We had nearly 150 entrants to our €200 cash giveaway competition. To enter the competition people simply had to answer one question ‘What is your biggest digital marketing challenge?’

The results are being analysed at the moment and will be shared on the IMS website blog next week. But for now we would like to congratulate our winner on the night Olivia Lavelle, who seems by her tweet below to appreciate the prize very much!


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