High Quality Content – Types and Benefits.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategic marketing technique used by businesses whereby they create valuable and relevant content to distribute online in order to attract and retain their target audience.

The keyword being – valuable… The content must provide value to the person you are targeting it at, or they won’t be interested in engaging with it.

What are the different types of high-quality content marketing?

There are many different types of content a company can create – let’s start with one of the basic.

Webpages – The majority of companies will have a website. And one of the most important parts of a website is the content that goes onto it. “About Us” pages and product pages are basic content that will be of value to your target audience, if they have never heard of you before, they need to understand who you are and what your company is all about? If they are looking for a specific product, the only way they can know if you have the one, they are looking for is by having information on your website about the products. This is all basic information that should be easy for you to pull together onto a few pages on your website.

Blogs – are a great way to improve SEO. You pick a list of keywords you want your website to rank for, and you write content around these keywords, you may only use one or two keywords per blog but the more you use these keywords in your content the more likely it is you will start to rank in organic search results for them. Every blog needs to have a clear focus, the focus of this blog is content marketing and the keywords are all based around content marketing. Blogs should provide value to your target audience; you need to be writing about something that your target audience has an interest in and want to learn more about. Start by developing a content plan – to plan out what topics you want to discuss, define your target audience and what keywords you want to rank for. When it comes to content marketing, planning is the key to success.

Infographics – are used by businesses to educate their target audience with the aid of a visual graphic. Target audiences can quickly understand what content the company is trying to share with them, with the aid of graphics, some information and statistics. Not all topics will be suited to an infographic format, so it’s important to only use infographics when the content you want to demonstrate is easy to develop into a visual aid.

Video – is an important part of content marketing. More and more people are viewing videos online, with platforms such as YouTube receiving billions of views a year – it’s a good idea for you to grab your target audience’s attention and to engage them quickly with a short video. If you want to start with video marketing, you’ll need to decide what content and topics will appeal to your target audience and what topics would be best to discuss in a video. A company video is one of the main types of videos that most companies will create. This video can be shared on your website and on social media, it can be used at all event attendances and is a great way to show a snapshot of who you are and what you do. Check out an example of video marketing here.

Case Studies – are a valuable demonstration of your customer stories to show your target audience how your business has helped a customer in a specific industry with a specific issue. You can use case studies to highlight a particular product or service that your company provides. People like to read case studies because they are real-life examples of how your business can help and people can relate to issues that are mentioned within the case study. Real-life examples can help to build trust with new leads. Make sure to ask for permission before using your customers’ names on a case study. Case studies can be put on your website to help SEO and to be easily found by people searching your website, they can also be shared on your social media platforms and they can be put in sales packs for your sales team when meeting with prospects. Here you can see an example of a customer case study.

White papers – are a type of long-form content. White papers can be a highly effective way to generate leads, however, white papers tend to be more information and technical data-driven than a blog. White papers take longer to prepare but they build thought leadership within your industry. White papers aren’t often freely available. Companies tend to ask for information about the person looking to get their hands on their white paper. When looking to download a white paper, people are often brought to a landing page, with a form, once the person fills their details out in the form, the white paper is theirs. This is a great way for companies to generate leads. Once the person has agreed to give their personal information, a company’s sales team can contact the lead and have a great opening to discuss the white paper they downloaded with them. Based on their phone call they can then offer other white papers to the lead, building a relationship with the lead and moving them through the sales funnel.


Below are some of the key benefits of high-quality content marketing:

  1. More on-site content gives visitors a reason to engage with your website
  2. Improved SEO and online visibility
  3. More content for you to share on social media platforms and more content for your target audience to share
  4. More social traffic
  5. Increased brand awareness
  6. Builds trust with your target audience
  7. Build credibility
  8. Targeted content can help you reach a specific audience
  9. More content gives you more touchpoints with your target audience
  10. You provide value to your target audience


By planning a content schedule, planning content topics, deciding on what content types will suit your business and sharing the responsibility for content marketing with your team, you can make sharing content with your customers a much easier task. You can learn more about the overall importance of producing High-Quality Content here.

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