Why Video Should Be Part Of Your Content Strategy.

What is video marketing?

“Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium.” Hubspot

The growth of video marketing

Video has been seen to have revolutionised the way people consume content as it allows you to deliver information in a much more interactive, visual, and entertaining way.

Video content marketing is being used to give your brand a voice, to gain authenticity and trust. As it is visually appealing and can be utilised as a significant resource, it can make a real difference to the success of your marketing and sales.

Some key stats on video marketing:

85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.HubSpot

56% of consumers believe that a company should have video content on its website.Forbes

78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day.HubSpot

On YouTube, almost 5 billion videos are watched every day. The average mobile-viewing session on YouTube last’s more than 40 minutes.

What are the different types of video you can use?

There are various types of video you can create for your business. The most common are corporate and explainer videos.

But there are many other forms of video content marketing:

  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Animated videosresearch-methods-qualitative
  • Video interviews
  • Tutorial videos
  • Presentation videos
  • Product demos and reviews
  • Video testimonials
  • Video ads


Why is video marketing so beneficial to your content strategy?

We’ve already looked at some of the key stats of video and the various types of video that can be used.  It’s very clear that the use of video is already hugely important, and is it only going to get bigger and bigger over the next few years.

But what makes it so important for your content strategy?

1)  Video Content is a great way to rank well on Google, as search engines love posting video results. In fact the chances of getting a page 1 search listing on Google increase 50 times with video.

2) Having a video on your site is seen as a positive ranking factor and can improve your website’s SEO.

3) It is easily and readily accessible.

4) Video engages people better than any other form of media.

5) Having a company YouTube page can help you to reach new audiences, as it is the second-largest search engine after Google.

6) Video is actionable and measurable.

7) Boosts brand awareness.

8) It helps give a competitive advantage and can be used as a great tool for your sales and customer service teams to use to convert leads into customers and to support existing customers.


Video provides valuable information and a better understanding of your product/service

One of the biggest contributing factors to bounce rates is when someone lands on your website and your product or service offering is not clear.  This is where the use of video can be so beneficial.

A great example that we like to refer to is Dropbox. When Dropbox was launched the idea was new to nearly everyone. People were very unfamiliar with the interface, how to use it and how Dropbox was going to help them.

Dropbox decided they had to act on this and created an explainer video, which they added to the homepage of their site. They kept the video simple and answered the simple question which was on people’s minds – “Why should I use your product?”

Dropbox state that after adding the video to their site it was viewed about 30,000 times a day and that their conversion rate went up 10%.

This example highlights how incorporating video into your strategy is a must in 2020 as it helps you to generate awareness of your brand, product or service to your target audience. It also helps to educate your target audience on the benefits of your product or service when they’re looking for a solution to their problem. By providing valuable information and a better understanding of your offering through video, you help make your potential customer’s decision easier, developing a long term relationship with your audience.

Some tips from IMS Marketing on video marketing

  • Repurpose video content and use short snippets for teasers. These are great content for your social channels.
  • You can take still images from your videos and use them on other marketing material.
  • Make sure to transcribe your video content as this will help with your SEO efforts. Video transcription is the process of translating your video’s audio into text. Search engines can’t crawl videos, so the transcript provides valuable text that the search engine can index and rank.

To conclude

Video is one of the top priorities for marketers and companies as we enter 2020.  An increase in conversion rates is one of the main reasons to invest in video marketing, but as we have highlighted it’s also how people are consuming content.

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