5 Handy Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking using Social Media.

Do you want to be number one in search engine rankings?
Interested in using social media platforms to improve SEO?
Okay so, you have written great content; your website looks snazzy; now you need a knockout SEO strategy!
We have put together a list of five simple ways to improve your brand’s search engine optimisation game-plan using social media.

1. With Words; Remember less is more
Keep your message to the point. Social media posts should be skim-able, and easy to digest. Stay within Twitter’s 140-character allowance, and on Facebook and LinkedIn leave a line space after every two lines of writing. Sharing visual content like infographics, charts, or photos increases engagement. Researchers at Xerox found that coloured content increased peoples’ willingness to read a post by 80%. The more engaging a post on social media the more likely your followers are to share it.

2. Followers? The more the merrier!
The number of followers and influencers that are connected to your social media profiles has a significant upward influence on your search rankings. However, there is a catch to this: Google can detect the quality of your followers, which means buying 500,000 fake followers will not impact rankings positively. The audience must be earned organically through insightful content that your leads wants to follow.

3. Create helpful content
Answer your prospects’ and leads’ burning questions.Do a little keyword research on Google Analytics to find what your prospects are searching for when looking for a business like yours. Take into consideration your sales team’s feedback on the leads they’re interacting with most. What information can they give about the different types of customers you serve? Sites with unique content will rank higher than sites whose content is too similar to others.If you create social content your prospects want to share, you’ll gain backlinks to your social media profiles and website; increasing your search engine authority.

4. Get on Google my Business ASAP
This helps Google rank your website higher than those who have not implemented Google my Business. Google my Business is handy for people looking for a business’s location or contact number

5. Person to Person
Remember social media is about conversation and being ‘social’. Create relationships by replying to questions and engaging in conversation. A friendly social media presence could be the difference between closing a lead or not. Maintain the company’s ‘tone-of-voice’, be personable, and have fun.

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