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From start-ups to multi-nationals we have experience in every stage of the digital marketing planning. IMS Marketing are a full service digital agency with research, creative and strategic planning capabilities. With an integrated approach to digital planning, IMS marketing understands the B2B buying cycle journey and our offline experience means that we provide an unrivalled synergy between offline and online marketing.

B2B Buying Journey

Our Approach

IMS Marketing have unrivalled experience in creating digital marketing plans for B2B companies. Using the tools available to us within the company, including non-digital tools i.e. feasibility testing, market research we approach the digital planning stage treating every companies needs as different.

The process is started off by looking at the main objective and goals, which in many cases for our clients is very much focused on building a quality list of lead s within a certain industry or sector.

At a later stage after gathering the leads we also work with our clients to nature the leads into converted business.

Our digital planning does not stop at the conversion stage; we work with our clients very closely for repeat business programmes and customer satisfaction programmes. Digital tools in many cases allow us to reach a broad range of potential clients quickly, we do realise at IMS Marketing however the benefits working closely with a company’s traditional marketing objectives , as a result we place a huge importance on an integrated marketing plan.

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