Digital Media Advertising

Digital branding is an ignored activity in digital marketing because of the perception that it doesn’t drive sales, because most digital marketing activities are highly measurable anything that isn’t 100% transparent is perceived as not delivering a positive ROI.

Digital branding and building a digital footprint on the web is a long term investment and as B2B buying cycle is radically different with a generally higher risk, from higher transaction values and multiple decision makers.

B2B marketing encompasses many forms. Particularly in B2B marketing, running a campaign burst to increase brand awareness and brand knowledge of a product can be instrumental in building brand resonance and sales.

Why B2B marketing is different:

Digital media marketing is an acquisition activity usually consisting of advertising in various forms across multiple websites that your target audience frequent for the purpose of building brand recognition, recall and educating the target audience to the brand proposition.

Display Advertising

Investing in display advertising to position your organisation at the right time in the right place can be crucial in top of mind awareness and generating quality leads.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is advertorial content that appears within the flow of the published content on a website. It is a hot topic at the moment with a predicted ad spend of $5 billion in the US by 2017 and publications looking to monetise a captive audience.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, digital and native advertising are highly measurable and accountable.

At IMS Marketing we have extensive experience in managing small and large scale international campaigns to generate sales and to build brand awareness through Google Display Network and negotiating directly with website publishers of niche topic websites.

Our Services

  • Digital branding; campaign development and planning
  • Graphic design of the advertising creative
  • Copywriting for native advertising
  • Selection and negotiating of advertorial placement
  • Digital media buying of site placements for running campaign

Our Approach

IMS Marketing are passionate about selecting and delivering digital campaigns that deliver value in the short term but dually build into the long term brand image and positioning of the brand in our clients target audiences minds.

Do you need help with your brand reputation and social media management?

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