Importance of LinkedIn for your Business.


LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. The site is a great fit for businesses, not only to promote themselves but to establish connections and build relationships.

We recommend that all of our clients set up a LinkedIn company page, as we know it will be a huge advantage in the long run. It is important to note, that once you set up your LinkedIn company page, you must keep it updated and use it as a platform to also drive traffic to your website, by sharing blogs and important news on your website.

LinkedIn is the best website to attract top talent to your business. LinkedIn company pages offer a dedicated careers page, which allows you to showcase your open job opportunities to the right people. As well as directing potential employees to your business, LinkedIn is a great place to look for top prospects.

But before you start using all the features of the LinkedIn company page, you must establish a presence. Make sure to follow relevant companies and people on LinkedIn. It is not also about who you know, it is also about who they know. You can leverage existing relationships by building new ones. Building connections with certain people will position yourself in the industry pool and you can use existing relationships to build new ones and grow your network.

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Once you have nestled your company in LinkedIn it is so important to keep your page active. Sharing posts and industry news about your company is a great way to start. Keep the posts consistent and also get employees of your company to share and like your posts to widen the reach of your company page.

Using the LinkedIn ‘Insights’ tab on your profile is very beneficial to monitor how your page is performing. There are three sections, updates, followers and visitors. The updates section provides insights into the reach and engagement of your company posts. The followers section provides information on where followers are coming from, their demographics and trends. The visitors section provides analytics on the visitors to your website along with their demographics.

LinkedIn is the most successful social media site for a business, in terms of networking and finding new talent. In conclusion it is highly recommended a company, no matter how big or small, has a LinkedIn company page and makes sure to keep it updated as much as possible to get the most out of the website.

Happy networking!!