Making the Most of Your Email Marketing.

If you use your email marketing tool strategically and correctly it will work out as one of the best digital marketing activities for your business. At IMS Marketing we work closely with our clients to ensure they make the best of their email marketing campaigns.

According to MailChimp’s average stats by industry:

  • Manufacturing industries have an average open rate of 21.74% with an average click rate of 2.33% Vs Pharmaceuticals having an open rate of 20.02% and a click rate of 2.51%
  • Computer Electronics industry have an average open rate of 20.87% and a click rate of 2.16% with the Construction industry having a 22.10% open rate and a 1.95% click rate

Per MailChimp results company size also has very little to do with the success of your open rates. A company size of 1-10 can have an average open rate of 21.53% while a company of 26-50 can have an average open rate of 21.40%.

Email marketing campaigns are more measurable Vs traditional direct mail campaigns, we are in a position where we can benchmark against almost anything e.g. industry averages, past results and much more.

There are several ways you can improve your stats on your email marketing efforts:

  • Valuable Content

Keep your audience in mind at all times, just like blogging, don’t be afraid to share your interests, comment on timely news topics or market trends or educate your readers on a particular topic.

It is very easy to gain unsubscribes if you are constantly sending the same message in every campaign. Change it up to keep your readers guessing!

  • Attract Attention

Your subject line is the main reason someone opens your mail or not. Your subject line performs the same function as a headline by attracting attention. Try to remember not to sell in your subject line, if a reader even gets a whiff of a sales email they will more than likely avoid.

According to MailChimp statistics, the simpler the email subject the higher the open rate.

  • Keep Up With the Times

 Is your email mobile compatible? According to statistics the proportion of web traffic on phones in Ireland is almost a third higher than the European average. It is a quarter higher than in the UK and over 10% higher than the US.

Brands that don’t optimise email marketing campaigns for mobile are at a distinct disadvantage. It is important to offer subscribers an enjoyable mobile experience as it is likely someone will simply delete an email not optimised for mobile.

MailChimp’s platform is automatically optimised for mobile.

  • Drive Traffic to Your Website

Use your emails to direct readers to your website and include Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons such as, ‘Read More’, ‘Subscribe Here’. A good tip, link all your images in your email back to your website or relevant landing page.

Other CTA buttons on your landing page could also direct your readers to other sections of your website.


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