Web Design Trends for 2017.

Every year new design trends emerge from the branches of the previous years’ trends, whilst some will be snapped off and inevitably given the ‘old’ trademark, many carry through, in respect to good design, the composition of content and the use of negative/ white space. Employing these methodologies will always leave you with a site that an end-user will appreciate, it’s those trends each year that will push your site above the rest.

Cinemagraphs – The Future Design

Unlike normal gifs and svgs, a cinemagraph is an image with a certain element moving on a continuous loop. They are a great way to add movement to a page without the obtrusive nature that a video can command on a page.


Make it BIG, make it BOLD. With the focus moving back the power of content, utilising stronger typography that resonates your brand and the value that you bring is amplified by the type used.
Geometric sans serif has started to make a comeback in the web world. Often seen as a cold and clinical font, when utilised with a colourful background they can stand out. These fonts are best suited to headings rather than paragraphs.  A thicker weight can achieve a more pronounced character of the website.


Having disappeared over the last few years, gradients have come back and in a big way. No longer are they subtle shades but loud and bold. Popularised by its use in many mobile applications, for example, Instagram. Most commonly seen as a two colour gradient, this works great as an overlay on an image, to break up a page section or to draw the user to a Call-To-Action.


Whilst, not something that you can call a trend (a must for any website!), the ability to view a site optimised to any device is now mandatory. Since April 2015, Google has operated an algorithm to boost mobile-friendly sites in its search and remove those not mobile-friendly.

To give your business every possible chance of user engagement, it is vital to provide a user experience that doesn’t distract the user from your message.

Modular Design

A design concept that is still growing, Google trends shows its search history increasing steadily over the past few years. The concept uses blocked elements within the grid in a modular fashion. Blocking elements can easily separate and define content.

Landing Pages

Whilst every site needs a home page, having a page designed specifically for single tasks focuses the user on a single aspect of your business. This in turn will better target your users and their needs. These pages will require as much thought, if not more than other pages on your website as it’s solely directed to a specific user.

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