New market entry grant 

from Enterprise Ireland

Diversification has never been more important for Irish businesses. The Enterprise Ireland Market Discovery Fund will enable you to undertake market research and develop a viable new market entry strategy to grow your business and increase your global footprint.

From initial strategy to market validation, this fund is a must for ambitious, export focused Irish businesses.

Global growth has never been more accessible

The Market Discovery Fund provides support towards internal and external costs when researching new markets for your products and services. This support can be provided over an 18-month period from project start date to project end date.

A streamlined application process means you have access of up to €150,000 worth of funding to help you launch in a new market and develop your business to its fullest potential.

The Market Discovery Fund Supports

Market Intelligence

In depth analysis of the export market or markets that have the potential to offer your business significant growth opportunities. This may include some or all of the following: market segmentation, target customer analysis, profiling and identification, local and international competitor analysis, market trends, market size, route to market options, pricing landscape and more.

Value Proposition Development

What message will your target customer in your new market need to hear to quickly and clearly understand how you can add value to them and their business? A compelling value proposition is a critical component of any new market entry strategy.

Sales Strategy

Understand how you will sell your product in market. Will you follow a direct sales approach? Online sales approach? Do you require sales-people on the ground? Is a channel partnership approach required? Your sales strategy is fundamental to the success of your new market entry. We can help you put the theory and research to the test to define a sales plan that is realistic and ambitious.

People and Resources

Understand the resource and financial needs and implications of new market entry. What skills and competencies does your business need, not only to implement your new market entry strategy but to ensure its future longevity?

Marketing Communications

Having a clearly defined marketing strategy is a critical step on your new market entry journey. We will work with you to define a marketing and communications strategy that will propel your business to new heights in your new market. We will help you assess the investment and resource requirements to implement this strategy and even assist you in various market testing studies to validate the success or otherwise of your strategy.

Market Entry Plan

Your market entry plan is your play book for increasing your global footprint. It distils all of the above findings into a clear and concise plan of activities that you will follow for the first 12 months of your new market entry project.


What to Expect

Market Validation

Assess the market opportunity for your business, products or services in key markets

Undertake significant market research to validate the opportunity so you can confidently choose a region for your new market entry project

Fine tune your message before launching in market

Define goals and objectives for long term success in market

Market Testing

Expert execution of your strategy and plan over a 3-month pilot period 

Hands on support in the development of your business in your new market 

Measurable results that define adjustments to your future strategy


Expert execution of your strategy and plan over a 3-month pilot period Hands on support in the development of your business in your new market 

Measurable results that define adjustments to your future strategy


Mentoring and training designed to upskill your internal team for future market entry success

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