Mobile App
Marketing Strategy and Beta Launch

Client: U-Tag

Industry: Consumer

Market: Ireland

at a glance

U-TAG was set up for the purposes of testing a new product concept that aimed to facilitate drivers alerting each other of speed camera traps on the road ahead. It used a mobile App and associated Hardware to allow users receive ‘real time’ alerts to hazards on the road ahead. IMS managed all aspects of a beta/pilot trial with the aim of validating the commercial viability of U-TAG in the Irish market

  • Market research
  • Value Proposition
  • Branding
  • Pilot set-up and management
  • Strategic Marketing Plan

“500 users signed up
for 8 week trial”

Client Need

IMS worked with U-TAG to develop a Marketing and Communication Plan to attract a critical mass level of product testers to partake in an 8 week pilot programme.

Because the product was a brand new market concept, the first stage of the project was to conduct targeted consumer research to determine the level of understanding and market acceptance in advance of the trial or before anyone had the chance to physically use the product. The second stage was to develop an advertising, PR and online strategy to raise awareness of the new product trial and generate a critical mass level of trial participants. The next step involved identifying trial participants and encouraging them to sign up for the free pilot. Due to the technical nature of the product IMS predicted there would be a high level of customer queries and enlisted the services of a 3rd party call centre to handle all customer service queries.  The next step in the project was to manage the trial while it was running over the 8 week period. This involved regular user communications, dealing with customer service and technical queries and clear daily reporting of user data.

The Result

IMS were successful in attracting 500 users for this 9 week trial. The trial was successful from the perspective of validating the technical feasibility of the product (ie “it worked”) and the user satisfaction. The findings were consolidated into a business plan for the company who were then in a position to seek external investment for the launch of their App.

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