The overriding objective of a market launch is to successfully introduce the new product to the market.

There are four specific phases to a successful market launch; planning, testing, execution and review.

Each phase has its own set of specific activities involving several moving parts which require tight coordination between different business functions.

Market Launch Planning

At IMS, we recommend the market launch planning stage commences once the product goes into prototype development. Like all other elements of the new product, the market launch plan will need to be tested among potential customers. At IMS, we work with you to develop a cohesive marke plan encompassing all of these elements:

  • Online and Off-line Market Communications
  • Promotion
  • Pricing
  • Sales Support
  • Channel Strategy

Launch Plan Testing

In order to achieve a successful market launch and to ensure launch communications resonate effectively with target customers, IMS will work with you to test elements of the launch plan including communications material, packaging pricing with sample customers. Testing provides the information necessary to refine product launch elements and avoids any costly mistake based on assumed knowledge of your market and ensures a “right first time “launch execution.

Launch Execution

At IMS we know you only have one chance to make a good first impression.   Successful market launch execution involves synchronised task execution across many business disciplines. We have vast experience in assisting organisations large and small to coordinate all the moving parts necessary for an efficient and effective market launch.

Post Launch Review

In order to learn from the performance of past product launches, IMS conducts a post launch review with all clients two months after product launch. During these review patterns and lessons from the product development to launch process are captured and documented to ensure successful activities are replicated and mistakes are avoided in future projects.

Case Studies

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