Are you “enthusiasmus” about your business?.



On the day after Giovanni Trapattoni left his position as Irish Soccer Manager, I thought it would be good to reflect on his favourite saying “enthusiasmus” (or in English “enthusiastic”).  You see, whatever your opinion on the Irish team or style of football, you have to hand it to him: he always had a positive outlook on the next match, told us that “we must believe” and that the team were “enthusiasmus”!



I think there is something that Irish companies can learn from Giovanni.


Here’s a test:  Ask 10 Irish people you meet tomorrow “how are you” or “how is business” and count how many reply with the answer “not too bad.” It’s almost an automatic answer for many people and is a true “Irish-ism” which generally means that things are going “ok”. They are for example an awful lot better than an answer like “not too good” !!!


But how do you think an international customer who is not familiar with our culture would interpret this answer? Probably quite negatively in fact.


Remember that when a customer buys your product or service they are also choosing to do business with the company behind the product. They certainly don’t want to invest in a business that is “not too bad.” Therefore, take a positive approach in your business language: If you believe that the glass is half full (versus half empty) this confidence will rub off on your staff and provide a confidence to the marketplace. Put it another way, if you aren’t positive about your business, how do you expect your customers to be?


Be enthusiasmus!

Thanks Giovanni.