Kick-Start Your Path to GDPR Compliance Today – Our Easy Guide to Get You Started.

With the deadline approaching fast (May 25th 2018) and media channels awash with information about GDPR, you should be aware that this change in European Law will have a significant impact on your company’s marketing efforts and your consumer rights. But how will this law actually impact the way in which you do business and communicate with customers?

Not quite sure? You’re not the only one left scratching your head!

So IMS have put together a simple, straightforward infographic that clearly outlines what your GDPR rights are and how businesses need to change how they capture/inform/transfer or store personal information on individuals. We hope this will help kick-start your path to GDPR compliance on an organisation wide level.

If you have more questions than answers, IMS is hosting a GDPR Summit on Friday 27th April, in the Clayton Hotel, Galway, where you can learn from industry professionals who will provide practical advice about GDPR and how best to prepare for the deadline. For more information about this event click here >