5 Features to Maximise your Blog Post.

In my previous post I wrote about the benefits of blogging for your company. In this post I will go further in depth and tell you about the five features to be aware of when writing your blog.

1. Subject Matter

Firstly, when writing a blog choose your subject matter wisely. Write about what you know and also what your readers will be interested in. You can do this by creating a ‘persona’ of your ideal reader (Hubspot has some great tools to help you do this) Peruse LinkedIn to see what others are writing about to find popular topics in your field. By doing this you will be able to gauge the interest level of your target audience and write with them in mind.

2. Length

People often get hung up on length when beginning to write a blog post. Length is not as much an issue as the quality of what you write but a good general rule of thumb for writing posts in the technical B2B market is anything between 200 to 600 words per post. Other types of posts such as white papers would generally be longer.

3. Heading and Sub-Headings

Headings and sub-headings are hugely important! Your heading indicates what your article is about and acts as the gate way into your post. You want your audience to open that gate! Have your title heading clear and concise. People like lists so ‘10 top tips..’ or ‘5 benefits of..’ generally work well. Sub-Headings are good for breaking up a large body of text and allowing your reader to jump to the point they are most interested in.

4. Image

If you have looked into creating blog posts yourself or enjoy reading the posts of others you will have already recognised the importance of images for blog posts. A blog post needs an image that captures attention and relates to the topic. It helps your link stand out when scrolling through a social media newsfeed and adds visual interest when someone has landed on your page.

5. Maximise Reach

After putting effort into creating a blog post you should ensure you maximise its reach by sharing it throughout social media. As an extra push LinkedIn allows users the option to publish on their profile, something that can be done after the initial channels of post promotion have died down, generally after one to two weeks.

I would also recommend you investigate and experiment with the day of week and time of day for the best reach for your post. Hubspot provide a useful infographic to get you started, but experimentation is important to cater for your specific industry and target countries (when dealing with multiple timezones).

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