The importance of social media for a business

Case study: Facebook

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Social networking is a key feature in marketing and promoting your company in the world today. Facebook is the world’s leading social network at the moment and has been for the last 3 years. It is a prime opportunity for companies to take advantage of Facebook’s wide range of users and use the platform as a way to attract new customers.

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 Facebook has over 1.5 billion users active and they log on to facebook every day. On average facebook users spend 20 minutes on facebook at one time and spend over 7 hours on facebook per month. If facebook were a country it would be the most populated country on earth.

 Businesses need to wake up and take advantage of this amazing opportunity that is there for the taking. Designing and publishing a professional-looking page on facebook could attract a whole world of new customers for your company. Setting up a facebook page for a person or company is so simple and easy you can do it in minutes. Set up your facebook page today and start growing your business. Online users can easily access your company contact information through facebook and be linked to your very own website.

 The more social media accounts that you have the more people you are spanning out your business to, so get started on setting up pages for your company on all of the most popular social media websites such as: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Take this case as an example:

An interested buyer could be out there looking for your type of company but doesn’t know where to look, He/She would most likely log onto her facebook to ask a friend, but then all of a sudden! Whats this? An advert for your company pops up on the side of her screen with the exact product/service he/she is looking for! Followed by a link to your personal website and now you’ve got a sale and a new customer! Happy days.


So why wait around for customers to come to you when you can go straight to them at the largest social hub for potential buyers in the world, Facebook.

Darragh– Darragh (Our Ty Student 2013)

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