Develop Your Virtual Selling Capabilities With IMS.

The pandemic has changed the way businesses around the world identify, engage, and communicate with potential customers. No matter the size or industry – a strong virtual presence is now the need of the hour to grow, thrive, and win business in this new normal. At IMS Marketing, we are committed to assisting companies to strengthen their capabilities in an online-first world. We do this by giving you the skills, tools, and processes needed to succeed in virtually selling to your target customers in export markets.

Today is the day

At IMS, we are committed to helping companies access new markets and grow export sales. We will work with your sales team to provide them the confidence, skills, and tools needed to successfully win new business online remotely from their home or office.

Virtual Selling Masterclass

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Enterprise Ireland to deliver a Virtual Selling Masterclass, designed to help Irish SMEs increase online sales and grow their business Internationally. The programme is offered as a series of intense, interactive, three-hour online sessions surrounding topics such as;

  • Understanding Virtual Selling – Benefits & Challenges
  • Effective Online Communication Techniques
  • Tips & Professional advice for conducting effective Virtual Meetings
  • Perfecting your Virtual Sales Pitch
  • Tips to make your negotiations more effective

The Virtual Selling Masterclass is part of Enterprise Ireland’s wider supports for Sales and Marketing. The Masterclass is aimed at Enterprise Ireland client company’s looking to start or improve their one to one sales process. The goal is to help companies accelerate the transition process of leveraging online tools & create an opportunity for teams to learn and practice virtual selling skills, hear from peers and come away with practical tools to implement in your sales and marketing efforts.

To sign up for the programme click here.

Plan and Execute your Virtual Selling Strategy with IMS

At IMS, we combine strategic-thinking and innovative design to help your business grow & succeed Internationally. No matter where you are starting from, our team will work with you to develop a customised programme to suit your organisation’s size and capabilities.

Talk to us today to:

  • Reach prospects online
  • Develop your story
  • Perfect your sales pitch
  • Run best practice virtual meetings
  • Impress customers with a compelling sales pack
  • Win new business in domestic and export markets
  • Build your internal capability for long term success

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