ABM campaign for Irish sub contractor targeting the US Market.

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The Client

Construction Subcontractor


Building & Construction

The Brief

This building subcontractor design & manufacture aluminium windows, doors and curtain wall systems for large scale buildings. The company was long established in the Irish market but wanted to increase their business in the United States, having identified a demand in the market for their product – high quality European manufactured windows that exceed US market regulations and provided a sustainable solution for the property owner/tenant.

The Challenge

Although there was a clear opportunity for growth in the US, one key aspect of the process was to conduct market research to define the brand roadmap for North America, and to identify the client’s USPs in comparison to their competitors. The findings from this research then had to be incorporated into a dedicated responsive website for the North American market.

One of the main challenges we faced was to build the brand in the North American market. Although well established in Ireland, the company had only completed three large scale projects in North America.

There was also an educational job to be done – educating the market on why European manufactured windows were superior.

We also discovered that US dialect and terminology was completely different. It was quickly understood that in order to be successful, we would need to “speak their language” and localise our content, website, and marketing collateral.


First IMS developed a localised website for the US market, with fully adapted content and imagery. Then we developed a range of sales collateral, including 3D product video, sales sheets, spec sheets, brochures and more.

We made use of early adopter clients and created high-quality case study materials including one for the National Veteran’s Memorial & Museum, which is a well-known, award-winning building.

Once these steps were completed, we began targeting the US market, and more specifically architects and building specifiers as key influencers, with a highly targeted digital Account Based Marketing (ABM) approach, including Google Ads and LinkedIn ads.


Over the course of our time working with this client, their North American enquiries increased by 300% over a 24-month period. They are currently in discussions over five live projects in various locations around the east and west coast and have made some excellent connections with influential people in the industry.

They are currently manufacturing windows and door systems for a large residential development on the West Coast of America – a contract which was won through an enquiry on the North American website.

What Was Said?

“Our project to generate new business across North America with IMS Marketing was hugely successful.

We received a near-instant return on investment on the project with IMS and foresee a substantial increase in business through North America in the future.”

Managing Director, Client Company