Brand Awareness video campaign generates 12,000 views in 60 days.

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The Client

Process Engineering Company


Engineering & Industrial

The Brief

Our client is an international engineering solutions provider to the pharma and medical devices market globally. Operating in a highly technical and competitive market, they asked for our help to set them apart from other companies in their industry space. Ultimately, they wanted to increase their brand awareness and generate interest in their capabilities internationally.

The Challenge

The global nature of the target audience was a challenge in this project. We understood who we needed to target (senior process engineers in the pharmaceutical and medical device sector) but we had to develop a campaign which would cost effectively create awareness to this distinct group. 

The Idea

We identified video and animation as the most effective means to communicate our client’s USPs to the target audience in a short space of time. We carefully scripted and produced a 40 second animation which emphasised the innovative and quality features of our clients product.  Next we needed to develop a campaign to promote the animation globally. We researched the target profiles of the decision makers online based on their customer personas and identified LinkedIn Groups that matched our selected criteria. Next we set up a LinkedIn sponsored advertising campaign which was used to promote the product video.  We set up dedicated landing pages and split tested the creatives and copy to optimise the campaign performance and maximise video views and likes. The campaign ran for 2 months and we monitored and optimised the plan on a weekly basis throughout this time.

The Results

The ad campaign created 43,043 impressions over a 2 month period, of which 12,000 unique visitors viewed the video in full.

Our client considers the animation as one of the most effective sales tools in its business and directly attributes it as the source for many significant enquiries received since it was produced.

43,043 impressions

Over a 2 month period

12,000 unique visitors

Viewed the video in full

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