Outsourced marketing management contributes to doubling of sales in 3 years.

Outsourced Marketing Services

The Client

Market leader in Healthcare IT market.


Software & ICT

The Brief

IMS Marketing were requested to provide outsourced marketing support to support the growth objectives of this Healthcare IT company.

The Challenge

Our client had no in-house marketing team and was looking for a cost effective and scalable solution for their need’s. Our goals were to increase brand awareness and support lead generation in the Irish market.

The Idea

We were initially requested to prepare a 12 month marketing plan and given a contract for 6 months. At the end of this initial period we had successfully rebranded the business, designed a range of sales support materials and implemented a successful e-mail marketing campaign. Our contract was extended and we worked with this client continuously over a period of four years before they were acquired. During this period of time we completely managed their marketing efforts, taking care of PR, online marketing, event marketing, new product launches and lead generation campaigns. This client viewed IMS as part of their management team and we contributed on a monthly basis at sales and management meetings. This close, seamless relationship was a key aspect of the success.

The Results

After three years, the company’s sales had doubled and they grew to become the market leader in the Irish market. While the company had excellent products and a strong customer service ethos, the continuous and high quality marketing undertaken was a key and measurable aspect of their success in this period of time.

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