Re-branding and promotional campaign doubles sales leads in 12 months for Irish engineering company.

Brand Strategy | Promotional Campaign

The Client

Global provider of precision engineering solutions to medical and pharmaceutical companies


Engineering & Industrial

The Brief

IMS was retained to undertake a rebranding and promotional strategy for the company’s engineering and patented cable containment system to cleanroom customers worldwide.

The Challenge

The key challenges from this project were

(1) To promote a highly complex engineering solution to global audiences and

(2) To differentiate our client’s product offering from other international competitors.

The Idea

Before embarking on the re-branding project, it was important that we understand the existing sales processes and spoke with a number of our client’s customers globally. Through these interviews we were able to understand their requirements from a sales/marketing support perspective and the key messages of differentiation. This external analysis coupled with internal strategy workshops allowed us to create a strategic branding and promotional plan for our client. Implemented over a 12 month period, the three most important deliverables were

(1) The design of a new brand and website

(2) the development of an online quotation tool for international partners which would speed quotation lead times and

(3) the design of a high impact 60 second product animation video which could be shared with customers and partners worldwide.

Once delivered, IMS promoted these tools via e-mail and social media on a monthly basis.

The Results

In the 12 months following the implementation of the rebranding and promotional campaign, our client experienced a doubling in both the volume and value of leads generated into the business. Our client attributes the promotion of the 60 second animation as a key contributor to this success. From a sales process perspective, the new online quotation tool has reduced the quotation lead time from 5 days to a real-time estimate and this had received positive feedback from our client’s international sales partners.

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