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ClaimVantage brand overhaul to match its expansion into international markets

ClaimVantage is a leading international provider of life, health, and absence claim management software solutions to insurance carriers, TPAs, and large employers. The company approached IMS to develop a new brand identity to mirror its global expansion across EMEA, the US and APAC regions. A complete strategic review of the current brand and messaging was undertaken including customer interviews and competitor analysis to understand the positioning and market perception of ClaimVantage. Through the combination of workshops and research insights, the new ClaimVantage brand came to life.

Logo Design

ClaimVantage logo
ClaimVantage Logo-White

Website Design & Development

Throughout the website, IMS created subtle ways to reinforce the ClaimVantage brand and bring it to life. The triangles and gradients used in the logo have been developed and expanded to accompany the content and help brand images and graphics as their own.

Variations to the colour palette have been introduced in recent years to incorporate brighter call to actions throughout the site.

ClaimVantage is located across the globe. Client’s locations define specific needs as well as require different regulations. IMS has developed  multilingual and localised sites for: EMEA, APAC and Japan.

Website mock-up display for client
Attention to detail in website design
Company overview page for claimvantage
website spec display for clients
Website spec for mobile
ClaimVantage deisng mockup for mobile

Sales & Marketing Collateral

Brand Identity concept presentation
Brand identity concepts

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