Digital ABM for an Irish MedTech Organisation.

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The Client

MedTech Organisation


Medical Device Design


This client works with international medical device companies in the design, development and commercialisation of catheters and related elements.

They offer medical device services including design and development consultation, prototyping, and manufacturing to guide clients along the product development lifecycle.

After a strategic repositioning of the company brand, we wanted to deliver some hard results for the business in terms of leads, new business, and revenue, in international markets.

The Challenge

The company were targeting ambitious growth in a range of international markets, with a highly sought-after skillset and a clearly defined methodology – they were primed for success.

Together we decided that digital ABM was the right approach to deliver the high value leads that the company were seeking. Digital ABM is a process of uncovering, nurturing, contacting, and converting hand-selected targets which have been identified as ideal customers.

Our Approach

Step 1 was to conduct primary research to develop a list of companies who meet our predefined criteria in terms of size, location, industry etc.
Step 2 was to identify a key contact within each company – the right person to speak to about a potential partnership.
Step 3 was to arrange a call with the client’s team, with the objective of converting the lead from prospect to customer.

Alongside this we created regular blogs & infographics with the intention to speak directly to the pain points and challenges of the target audience. Without knowing it, they would be seeing regular insights and updates from the client’s team on LinkedIn, each one nudging them a little bit closer towards conversion.

To date we have conducted customer research in Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Israel.


  • Over 70 companies identified as potential targets
  • Approximately 30 companies targeted directly
  • 11 converted into phone calls with prospective customers
  • 9 leads with high potential
  • €60k in converted business
  • Minimum €600k in pipeline

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