B2B and B2C Social media campaign shows significant increase in reach and engagement in 5 months.

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The Client

International Healthcare / Pharma company



The Brief

IMS Marketing was approached by the company to set up Social Media campaigns to increase brand awareness for a new device.

The Challenge

This was an unusual campaign as it was to target both B2C users of the product and B2B sellers of the product so the messaging had to be different for both parties, while keeping the key message about the products and it’s benefits in the forefront.

The Idea

We began with a digital audit to review the current situation of the customers Social Media use carried out to date, we reviewed what worked and what could be improved on and what could be incorporated into the project.

We carried out a workshop with key stakeholders to review the buyer personas for both the B2C market and the B2B market including KOL’s to target. At the end of this review stage, it was then possible to put a Social Media plan in place to target each audience. We chose Facebook and Instagram as the key mediums to target the B2C customers, (female, 20- 40 yrs, employed) and we decided to target our B2B audience (Professionals, highly educated in their field, innovative, 30-45 yrs) via LinkedIn and Youtube.

We then documented a Social Media plan for each of these mediums. We incorporated both paid and organic campaigns to increase both brand awareness and lead generation.

In order to maximise the potential of the campaigns we used geo targeting, audience demographics, industry and professional profiles to pin point specific audiences.

The Results

The project to date has been a huge success.

Organic Reach on Facebook increased by 114% over 5 months and 69% on LinkedIn over the same period while total Interactions on LinkedIn increased by 81%.

Enquiries to the customer service team directly from Facebook has increased alongside a dramatic rise in the number of leads coming to the customers website. 

114% Increase in Organic Reach

over a 5 month period

81% Increase in engagement

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