Online leads increased by 300% in less than 5 months with 62% reduction in cost for acquiring a lead.

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The Client

International education provider providing students with foundation year studies and placement in top world ranking universities.



The Brief

IMS were tasked with developing a digital marketing strategy that would increase lead generation activities and attract students from over 20 international regions to study in Ireland. Key target markets included the Middle East, South East Asia and China. Our client wanted to further digitise their sales process to improve ROI, lead quality and reduce the  burden on internal resources.

The Challenge

Our client had a team of sales people based in Ireland who travelled around the world regularly to nurture sales leads. Furthermore, they relied on channel partners to generate additional sales internationally. This was a strain on resources given the geographies and ever increasing cost of travel and bringing more of their lead generation activities online would alleviate this. This was a complex project given the number of international markets and integrations required with CRM and Marketing Automation tools to generate additional online sales internationally.

The Idea

We were responsible for developing the digital marketing strategy from scratch that would ensure our clients goals were achieved. This began with an in depth analysis of the existing international online presence of our client and their key competitors globally. We could then define our strategy based on evidence based research.

Our strategy consisted of a host of actions, from the development of a mobile first website with superior SEO, to the setup, implementation and management of a range of online advertising and organic activities. We were responsible for all aspects of the implementation of the digital strategy. This included landing page design and development (via ZOHO), sales lead integrations (via ZOHO), marketing automation alignment for lead nurturing, full Google AdWords campaign set up and day to day to day management of Pay Per Click, Display and Re-marketing activities, social media advertising across multiple platforms and most importantly Google Analytics reporting.    

The Results

We were challenged with increasing online leads and improving overall lead quality for this major international higher education player. Across 20 countries, and limited by budget, this was a challenge that excited us.

After only 5 months, we increased the number of leads by over 300%. We also demonstrated month on month improvement and return on investment for our client. We reduced the cost per lead by 62%, while also significantly improving the lead quality. Our campaigns have allowed us to discover new markets from which our client has already secured lucrative leads and sales.

The client is now utilising less resources qualifying leads as the online leads are qualified by our ads, landing pages and forms, ensuring they are further along the sales pipeline than previously. We have been engaged on an 18 month contract to continue implementation and management of our clients digital strategy.   

300% Increase in the number of leads

over a 5 month period.

Cost per lead reduced by 62%

while also significantly improving the lead quality.

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