Brand awareness campaign generates 21,000 website visits in 14 days.

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The Client

Tourism Ireland.



The Brief

IMS were asked to develop a social awareness campaign to promote Ireland as a tourism destination to coincide with Ireland’s world cup cricket match versus India.

The Challenge

This campaign had a number of practical challenges including lead time – it was only decided upon 10 days in advance of the cricket match, and web access – our ability to design dedicated landing pages on the Tourism Ireland site was delayed until a few days before the campaign started. From a campaign planning perspective, the biggest challenge was to develop a targeted campaign that would maximise brand awareness among the most appropriate target demographic in India.

The Idea

We identified the ABC1 demographic as our target audience for the campaign. Our research identified over 102,000 people on LinkedIn and over 44,000 people on Facebook that met this demographic definition along with criteria such as job seniority and sporting interests. Our campaign creative offered the chance to win a holiday to Ireland for people who clicked on our ads and completed a short survey. Over a 14 day period we managed the LinkedIn and Facebook campaigns in full, making daily changes to maximise budget and tweak the landing page content.

The Results

Over the 14 days of the campaign the total advertising cost was €7,750. This resulted in over 46,000 ad clicks and 21,000 website visits (ad to click % of 45%). The campaign was considered a large success by Tourism Ireland for the relatively limited budget invested and is a great example of a targeted international social media campaign.

46,000 Ad Clicks &

21,000 website visits

Over a period of 14 days

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