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The Client

International cow fertility monitoring company


Software and ICT

Strategic marketing plan increases global brand visibility

In this competitive world of heat monitoring for dairy herds, defining the industry leading players from which to benchmark our analysis was broad and extremely multicultural.

We began the project by completing a full exploration of all competitors, in the most lucrative agri technology uptake regions globally, namely, Australia, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Israel and the USA. Within each market we developed a region-specific customer profile as needs varied greatly by area.

Within each industry we benchmarked the leading player with regard to brand look and feel, brand sentiment, brand visibility and brand messaging. This ensured we had a full picture from which to analyse and define our clients market positioning.

The primary analysis focused on digital mediums and provided us with a full scope of each competitor’s online visibility with regard to social media, website, message tone and much more. This data enabled us to develop a full international brand strategy that far encompassed that of competitors.

The Results

Our research concluded the need to present a clearly communicated product offering to the target market and identified global gaps among the entire research group. We developed a strategic marketing plan that addressed each of the elements highlighted in the audit with the objective on increasing the brand viability on a global scale.

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