Marketing Strategy for entry into the French Market.

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The Client

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This DIY brand had established a successful business in the Irish market when they decided to explore the French market. They needed a full assessment of the opportunity and a plan to enter the market if this was deemed feasible.

The Challenge

The company has limited market intelligence on the attractiveness of the French market beyond personal visits to the market where they felt there would be an appreciation for their product. IMS were tasked with initially completing a feasibility study on the market and following this the development of a market-entry plan.

Our Approach

Our project lasted three months and looked at the following in detail:

  • Consumer retail and buying trends for the broader retail category
  • Competitor analysis
  • Route-to-market assessment across wholesale, retail and online for their product
  • Pricing analysis
  • Development of an initial value proposition for the French market
  • Digital analysis regarding the challenges and opportunities of introducing a new brand to the market

The Outcome

At the end of the research phase, a formal market entry strategy was prepared for the company. This plan presented a positive opportunity for our client on the basis that they made minor changes to their product offering to reflect local buyer preferences.

In addition, the marketing plan required investment in the localisation of all sales and marketing materials along with the recruitment of a local partner who could manage retail accounts and customer service.

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