New Brand Rollout for Beauty Innovator.

Digital Transformation | Digital Lead Generation

The Client

innov8 LABS



Business Results

  • 38% growth in quality leads
  • 103% growth in website traffic
  • 302% increase in USA & UK website traffic

The Brief

innov8 LABS, formerly known as EPC, are a beauty innovator, guiding clients from lab to launch with their expertise in beauty formulation and market insights.  A new CEO was appointed in early 2023 with an ambition to grow the business significantly in the coming years. 

The goal? Deliver a future focused brand, that breathed life into their outdated branding and better aligned with their goals of becoming a leading partner in the beauty industry.

The Challenge

Previously known as “Europharma Concepts” or “EPC”, our client’s brand didn’t evoke excitement among their target audience of primarily millennial female decision makers in the cosmetics industry, seeking an ambitious and innovative contract manufacturer. Meanwhile, their perception as an Irish focused brand had to change in order to compete among international competition, primarily in the UK and USA.

Another big challenge for our client was brand messaging that better reflected the scale of their competencies, while being restricted with the ability to showcase previous client work due to strict NDAs. 

The Solution

We took a bottom up approach to innov8 LABS. To be able to focus on measurement and activation across all channels, especially digital, we set about identifying their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and building tailored target personas. In doing so we developed clear value propositions and uncovered individual buyer pain points.

In line with the new brand rollout, we developed a new website with messaging more in line with their audience needs, enabling a better flow of information and highlighting innov8-LABS’ unique market offering.

The Approach to Innovation

To appeal to our target audience, we knew we had to create excitement around the launch of the new innov8 LABS.

IMS implemented the following steps as part of our pre- and post-launch advertising campaign for innov8-LABS:

  • Created a pre-launch social media plan and video animations to build excitement among innov8-LABS’ existing audience and lapsed leads.
  • Overhauled innov8-LABS’ social media channels in line with new branding, including social skins.
  • Employee event and internal branding: Overhauled innov8-LABS’ internal branding in line with the new brand guidelines, including signage. We also organised an employee brand reveal event to showcase the new brand.
  • Developed a brand corporate video in different versions for both the website and social media.

The Results

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Growth in Quality Leads
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Increase in Traffic
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Uplift in USA & UK Traffic

“The team at IMS took our vision and made it even better than we could have anticipated. Working with us on every detail from aligning with commercial goals to crafting outstanding visual concepts, they created a brand that not only translates our mission, but brought our values to life internally. We’re so proud of how far we’ve come with the help of such a talented team.”

Shane Cornally

Sales Director, innov8 LABS


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