Pilot launch of new app leads to investor interest.

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The Client

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The Brief

We were approached by a leading technology innovation provider that were in the early stages of new product development of a road hazards detection device and associated mobile application. Our role was to determine the level of market acceptance and commercial viability of the new product concept.

The Challenge

This new to world concept was viewed by many external stakeholders as disruptive technology and with increasing road safety legislation on the use of mobile phones whilst driving, numerous product adaptations were required throughout the project. Public opinion was also a consideration as the success of the product relied on the user communities’ ongoing use for successful hazard detection and community notification. To ensure critical mass we determined the need to attract 500 trial participants to sign up and use the product daily, to quantify the technology and community use model the product was built upon.

The Idea

IMS were introduced to this technology at a concept stage and retained to provide hands on support in the planning and implementation of a feasibility study. The project involved the development of a strategic plan that would inform the client of the potential market success of the product.

Our strategy included the development and management of a range of activities over a four-month period that involved the following:

  • Market research
  • Set-up of a full beta trial
  • Initial branding
  • External communications
  • PR
  • Collateral development
  • Product promotion
  • Customer service support
  • Market feedback
  • Product validation


Having successfully completed in depth market research, we concluded there was in fact market potential for such technology. This led us to the development of a strategic communications and marketing plan to successfully conduct and manage all operations of a full beta trial with the objective of attaining critical mass to successfully test the product in a real work setting. The eight-week pilot programme aimed to attract over 500 individuals that met specific criteria, to test the product in a predefined targeted region. Once participants were identified though market research we rolled out a communications and PR plan to encourage sign up to the trial.

The technical nature of the product required ongoing trial communications among participants with regard to use of the prototype regularly and effectively. The trial was monitored throughout each day to determine participant usage. A customer service centre was set up to handle any product queries or usage requests. It was imperative we were fully immersed in the technical use of the product to ensure successful customer service in the answering of trial user questions.

Following an eight-week product trial, participants were surveyed in detail to determine the value of the product and the future purchase propensity. It was determined the product was fit for market launch with minor modifications and usability predictions even greater than original market research led us to believe.

The Results

The critical data collected throughout the project was fundamental to the development of a market launch plan alongside a three-year sales and marketing plan that outlined target regions and expected revenues within each.

The company was now in a strong position to seek investment to take their technology to full market introduction.

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