Product innovation leads to new international revenue stream for Irish company.

Product Development | Marketing Strategy | Brand Name Creation | Promotional Plan

The Client

Limestone quarrying and processing business


Engineering & Industrial

The Brief

When our client discovered high quality calcium carbonate deposits, they brought IMS Marketing on board to brand and market this offering as a new stand alone business.

The Challenge

Our client is a household name in the Irish quarry industry. Developing a separate brand for this new product division while leveraging the reputation and strengths of the company name was always going to be a balancing act and most definitely a branding and communication challenge.

The Idea

IMS were introduced to the business opportunity following the completion of a technical feasibility study which confirmed a highly pure deposit of calcium carbonate in our client’s limestone quarry. The commercial opportunities for calcium carbonate included it’s use as a key component in the plastics, glass and paper industries, to name just a few. We initially set about creating a marketing strategy for this new business unit where we defined the target sectors and export markets of greatest opportunity. Step 2 involved brand creation where we were responsible for developing the brand name, an international website and downloadable materials for technical audiences. Once this was in place, we then implemented a 9 month promotional plan with a focus on SEO, LinkedIn and E-Mail Marketing to create awareness for the new business.

The Results

Within 6 months of the new brand launch, the company had some notable successes with regular shipments to the UK and Sweden. Three years following the business launch, this is now an established business unit within the company and an important contributor to group revenue.

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