Marketing Strategy for Localised Product Launch in the Italian Market.

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The Client

Water Pumping Solutions



The Brief

This Irish manufacturer of water pumps and pumping equipment identified a gap in the Italian market for one of their innovative products – a cloud-connected pump and water monitoring system. While some export markets and industries are comfortable operating in English, in this particular industry in the Italian market it was decided that localising to the Italian language would be advantageous.

The Approach

IMS had already created an animation, sales sheet, and microsite specifically for this product, so now the challenge was to localise everything to the Italian market, ensuring the technical language was translated accurately and dialects were relevant to our target area within Italy.
After translating all content and verifying its accuracy via client contacts in the Italian market, IMS adapted the collateral with localised imagery, iconography, and contact details.

The Outcome

The client has been able to furnish Italian distributors and partners with localised content and marketing material, demonstrating their commitment to that market and their willingness to assist partners in any way they can. The company is currently enjoying success in the Italian market, and the client is considering further localisation to assist in entering other markets.

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