Recruitment of distributor in the French market.

Sales Partner Identification | Project Management

The Client

Manufacturer of infusion filters and valves for global medical device markets


Medical Devices

The Brief

Our client was struggling to generate sales opportunities through direct sales efforts in the French market and wanted to recruit a local sales partner to represent them in this market.

The Challenge

The key to this project was identifying a partner who had experience in selling to medical device OEMs in the french market and also had some relevant experience in our clients application area.

The Idea

This project involved 5 steps:

Step 1

involved IMS getting a good understanding of our client’s business, target customers and market applications. As part of this process we also looked at competition and our client’s product differentiation.

Step 2

involved the development of a formal channel search specification where we defined the type of partner we were looking for (product fit, geographic reach, services provided, etc).

Step 3

involved a detailed research where we idenified 20 potential partners in the French market for our client. These were reviewed and reduced to a list of 10 for more detailed approaches.

Step 4

involved IMS contacting these companies to introduce our client, get more information on the partners and understand their interest in commercial discussions with our client. As a result of these process, 3 suitable partners were short-listed.

Step 5

was the final stage of our involvement where we facilitated the meetings with these 3 companies locally in France.

The Results

Our client recruited one of the three companies short-listed by IMS Marketing. We also received very positive feedback on our process and project management approach.

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