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The Client



Software & ICT

Wizuda Brand Development

IMS Marketing were approached by ICONX Solutions (an established Irish software organisation) to develop and execute a brand and market entry strategy for a new company they were bringing to market in advance of the introduction of the GDPR legislation in May 2018. The new company (which was subsequently named Wizuda) operate in the commercial data transfer and file sharing industry.

Web, print and digital design services formed and continue to form the vast majority of services IMS provide to Wizuda.

Brand Identity

Developing a brand for a company like Wizuda requires a vision for how the new look and feel will extend across not only web, mobile and traditional print, but also on software programmes and digital applications.

IMS designed the logo for Wizuda with a typeface that reflects precision and technology. The W was designed to reflect binary code spelling out the word ‘Compliant’.

Wizuda business cards

Video & Animation

IMS developed a series of animations for Wizuda such as;

  • Explainer video: Discussing the implications of using non-compliant data transfers
  • Educational videos: explaining types of compliant data and
  • Product solution videos: demo videos showcasing Wizuda  compliant data transfer products

Tradeshow Booth

Tradestand design mockups for Wizuda

Website Design & Development

Web-design mockup for a client project
New branding concepts designed for wizuda
Graphic design work completed for wizuda's branding
Wizuda brand design

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