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Effective messaging and a clearly defined value proposition are key to telling your brand’s story. More importantly, they are central  to meaningfully engaging your target audience.

A value proposition is not your slogan or tagline. It’s not a glowing description of your services or product. A value proposition is a clear statement about the outcomes your customers can expect from using your product, service or solution.

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Do you have a compelling value proposition?

Rather than describe what you make or sell, a well-crafted value proposition places focus on the ‘value’ or outcomes  your customer can expect when they choose you.

In a crowded marketplace, a value proposition will:

  • Differentiate your business
  • Reduce the focus on price or cost
  • Streamline your marketing investments
  • Help you grow more profitable revenue streams for your business

Our Process

By asking thoughtful questions and listening actively to you, your employees, partners and most importantly customers, we gain a deep understanding of how your offering uniquely improves the lives of the target audience.  

These insights combined with a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape enable us to craft a clear and compelling value proposition which  makes your prospects sit up and pay attention!


Listening to your Customers

We interview them and independently distil their attitudes, perceptions, problems, needs and wishes. Talking to your customers will be one of the most powerful steps in building your value proposition.


Reviewing your Competition

To be different, you have to stand apart. This means looking closely at competition and beyond the products they sell to the strategic issues such as their sales and marketing tactics, messaging and positioning. Through this process we help you define your unique brand positioning.


Facilitating Internal Workshops

We bring together your team and encourage participation beyond the owner and senior management. Each department or customer touch point in your business has a role to play in informing your value proposition.


Defining your Purpose

It is easy to explain what you do, but more difficult to explain why you do it. We will help you to define “the why” or your purpose as a business.


Vision, Values and Value Proposition

It starts with a shared vision and filters down to the values you stand for as a business and ultimately your value proposition or “promise” to the customer. We will facilitate this process with your team.

You may need more than one!

Not all customers are the same and your value proposition will likely be different for different segments and  international markets. At IMS,  we have the experience to assist you in adapting your message for all of your target segments and international markets. 

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