based marketing.


The new trend in marketing and in particular the new trend in B2B marketing. Especially when you’re looking to engage with a specific industry, company or even individual.

Account based marketing or ABM is a new term for a timeless strategy…targeted sales. It isn’t a one size fits all strategy. It’s a target specific, unique marketing approach that will position your business among key decision makes in industries and even companies that you want to sell to.

From strategy to execution, IMS can create a customised ABM package that will position your brand in front of the people that matter.


Forget what you know about marketing

Because ABM is the opposite. With an ABM strategy there is no mass promotion with generic messaging. It’s targeted, specific and individual.

ABM is particularly suited to companies looking to grow high volume segments of their business, within a specific industry or by engaging a specific company.

Case in point

This Irish Medtech organisation were targeting ambitious growth in a range of international markets. We implemented a targeted digital ABM approach to identify key contacts, and developed a range of marketing material which spoke directly to the pain points of those targets.

The results over a 12 month period have propelled the company to international success – with over €400k in sales and over €1m currently in the pipeline!

This is where ABM excels.

You focus your efforts on targeting a single organisation or industry sector with unique and personalised campaigns to engage directly with each account, customising the message to resonate with each prospect.


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When you work with IMS on an ABM project, you can rest assured we will apply our strategic insight combined with industry experience to deliver a sales strategy that is build around your goals and delivers tangible results.



  • Define your goals
  • Identify target companies
  • Characterise decision makers and influencers
  • Define your value propositions
  • Develop VP centred content, assets and selling tools
  • Multi-channel engagement strategy
  • Measure results

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