Attract. Engage. Retain.

Our expert team understands the unique challenges faced by companies looking to attract top talent, retain the best people and the importance of ongoing communications when it comes to engagement.

At IMS we take a 360° approach to employer branding. We combine creative thinking and strategic insight to deliver ongoing internal communication plans that are developed through the lense of your employees.

Your message

We start by defining your Value Proposition – your message to your team and your message to potential candidates. This enables us to establish and differentiate your organisation in a market where jobs are plentiful.

If your company has no formal culture, vision or values defined, we will work with you to develop this critical piece of the puzzle.

Getting your message out

Our recruitment marketing campaigns are based on solid research of the candidate journey. This enables us to define key communications that will resonate with potential candidates and encourage them to take critical action that will result in them engaging with your business.

Be supportive

We support clients with communications activities that are designed to help new employees to excel in their new role.

Consistency is key

The best companies to work for have less absenteeism, lower staff turnover and higher customer satisfaction. Our internal communications programmes are built to drive employee engagement and support the company to enable employees to grow and develop in their roles.

Connect your employees to your brand

Want to create an inclusive business culture?

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