Content Marketing

Content marketing has become mainstream in the US in the marketing armour of B2B marketers with 93% of B2B marketers using at least one form of content marketing.

Content marketing can be defined as creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action. Content can be text, visual or audio in form.

Content marketing covers quite a broad spectrum of digital marketing activities; the below is a range of the most popular digital and traditional content marketing activities.

Here is a suite of digital content marketing activities we formulate for our B2B clients that can help every stage of the buying cycle:


Blogs are informal articles written for the purposes of showing thought leadership and expertise on a topic. Blogs are great for generating fresh content on a website, content for email marketing and social media and driving search traffic to the site. IMS Marketing work with clients on blog concepts and calendars.


IMS Marketing can scope out on product video demos, organisation overview videos and work with a video production partner and can do in-house video editing. There is no point in spending a huge amount of money on a video if nobody sees it so a distribution strategy can be developed that will put the video in front of the right people.

Case Studies

Case studies are very important evidence based content and especially for services can tangibilise the product offering. IMS Marketing work with clients on the content of the case studies and distribution.


Surveys are a great way to generate data that can be used in a number of different content forms. Surveys can be customer or target audience led and IMS Marketing can help structure, collect and collate the data from surveys that can be used for PR, infographics, social media and email marketing.


Webinars can be defined as seminars delivered online.

Social Media

Social media content can be topical, thought leadership, engagement on relevant industry topics. Creating compelling content on a consistent basis can be difficult, but IMS Marketing can work with clients in creating a varied and diverse content calendar and devise strategies for building an organic audience and maximise organic reach.


Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge to present complex or data oriented information quickly and clearly and in an aesthetically appealing image. Infographics are ideal for sharing. IMS Marketing can manage all of the stages of infographic creation; develop the concept, gather the content; design the infographic, publish and distribute it and measure the performance.

Branded Content Tools

Branded content tool are online applications that are branded. Tools that generate user generated content on sites such as forums, polls, calculators can all be classified as branded. In B2B target audience user problems can be industry specific and IMS Marketing can work with clients to develop a concept.

Our Approach

At IMS Marketing we have witnessed first-hand the importance content marketing for the overall end result for a company.

We work closely with the company to determine their exact needs for a content marketing campaign. We start of by building the persona profile of the company’s target audience i.e. demographics, client goals etc.

We then work on a content marketing schedule, based on the resources available and the quality traffic that needs to be created to convert quality leads.

Our content marketing programmes can include all aspects to amplify your message further, from email marketing, PPC to social media. IMS Marketing work on a plan that is both achievable and within the clients budget.

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