Engineer your content

Creating relevant and valuable content for your target audience is key to content marketing success. Whether you are selling high end medical device components or stainless steel engineered grates, your B2B customers have very specific needs. Identifying and exploiting these needs in the form of quality content is a critical step in any marketing strategy’s success.

Well developed content will create interest, build trust and allow your company to become known as an insightful leader in your field. Not only that, great content can act as a passive form of brand marketing.


Stand out from the competition with content that is thought provoking and informative, that resonates with your users and that drives social shares.

Our agency experts build highly effective content strategies that are based on informed thinking, customer profiling and rigorous search term research. Our content plans are built around the needs of our clients’ customers and their expectations.

Content That Shines

When we think about content we often think a lot of writing and scrolling as we cram as many words as possible onto a single web page, brochure or any other form of marketing collateral. In today’s digital age, this thankfully isn’t the case. Content has become a lot more fun and engaging and yes, even technical B2B customers are looking for something different.

Here at IMS, our content marketing experts develop various forms of content that will resonate with your audience and generate engagement. That engagement might include connecting with your business on social media or filling out a product enquiry form. Whatever the engagement, the plan starts and ends with achieving your objectives. Get in touch with our dedicated content marketing agency today.

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