Market Entry

Enter the Eurozone is an initiative from Enterprise Ireland that aims to accelerate the number of Irish companies entering new markets in the Eurozone.

As the world’s largest trading block, the Eurozone presents significant opportunities for Irish businesses that are somewhat untapped. On our doorstep and the largest trader of manufactured goods and services, the EU is becoming increasingly attractive to Irish SME’s looking to sell internationally.

Enter The Eurozone - IMS Marketing & Enterprise Ireland

IMS Marketing

Our Role

The ‘Enter the Eurozone’ programme has been designed to provide Irish exporters with the theory and practical skills necessary to develop a market entry plan for a mainland European market. Launched in 2019, to date the programme has helped more than 100 Irish companies to develop and implement a strategic market entry plan for their target Eurozone market.

As part of the programme, IMS provides strategic marketing consultancy and mentoring to the client companies. Our team of senior consultants work closely with clients through all stages of the programme including market research, value proposition development, route-to-market and the development of their market entry plan.

Programme Outcomes

  • Market Intelligence
  • Value Proposition
  • Business Model Development
  • Sales & Pricing Strategy
  • Route to Market Strategy
  • People and Resources
  • Marketing Communications
  • Market Entry Plan
Map of Enter the eurozone target market

Here’s what happened across our first five programmes

102 Irish companies developed ambitious market entry strategies for new Eurozone markets.


Apply for Enter the Eurozone

Applications or expressions of interest should be made by contacting your Development Adviser directly or the Programme Manager

Paul Browne
Programme Manager
Enterprise Ireland
01 727 2329
[email protected]