Enter or Expand Internationally

At IMS Marketing, our core experience is in helping companies expand or enter international markets. If you are already exporting and want to grow this area of your business or are perhaps considering expanding internationally for the first time, we can help.

A clear export strategy makes it much more likely you will succeed in international markets.

You want to grow export sales?

At IMS we carefully analyse your existing sales and marketing approach, create a market development plan and work with you each step of the way in the implementation of a tailored export marketing strategy that is developed around your core business goals.

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New to exporting?

Knowing who needs your product, in what form to deliver it to them, and how to do it in a way that strengthens your brand are the core ingredients of a successful export strategy.

  • You want to scale your business through international growth?
  • You want to boost turnover and spread costs?
  • You want to restructure your existing sales channels?
  • Your home country is too small to scale?
  • You are looking for new markets?
  • You have built up a strong domestic base and want to maintain your company’s successful growth?
  • You have an internationally competitive offering?
  • Your customers expect you to operate internationally?
  • You want to extend the lifecycle of your products?
  • You are receiving foreign enquiries or attracting international visitors to your website?

Whatever your reasons, success starts with the right export marketing strategy.

We will carefully research your target market and the opportunity for your products or services. Once the opportunity is confirmed we will prepare a localised market entry strategy which is practical and tailored to your business.

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