Research and analyse your direct and indirect competition

To understand who exactly you are competing with, you need to know who can solve the same customer problem with an alternative solution. Many companies know who their direct competitors are – these are the ones your business often competes with on quality, pricing and delivery times. However, how many companies venture into the unknown without understanding who their indirect contenders are.

With IMS Marketing you will not only gain insights into your competitors’ sales and marketing strategies, products and services, their strengths and weaknesses, you’ll also walk away with information about competitors you might never have considered before.

Our Customer Insights Process

  1. Business, product, customer and market understanding
  2. Evaluation of your direct & indirect competitors, both online and offline
  3. Analysis and interpretation of findings
  4. Benchmarking of your strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats
  5. Presentation of results and recommendations


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