New Market

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of a market

Before entering a new market, you need to know if it’s the right fit, if there are growth opportunities and what percentage of the total available market can your business realistically target. Such market research involves many moving parts and will include in-depth research and analysis on local customers, competitors, potential partners, specific market dynamics, growth opportunities and challenges that you may encounter.

By the end of this project you will be well equipped to decide on entering this market or not. If positive, you’ll also have enough intelligence to help formulate your business strategy, market entry plan and route to market.


Market Analysis Factors 

IMS Marketing has helped hundreds of clients on their business expansion journey, entering and growing their presence in new markets across Europe, the USA, South Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East and many more.

market value vector icon

Market value

Review key markets vector icon

Review of key market players and stakeholders

Competitor analysis vector icon

Competitor analysis

Channel analysis vector icon

Channel analysis

Pestel analysis vector icon

PESTEL analysis

Customer research vector icon

Customer research

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SWOT analysis

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Our market research and analysis will help you decide what your next market will be and how to take advantage of the significant and untapped opportunities that this new market may offer.


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