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Global companies
need global websites.

True? Well kind of…

Irish SME’s that export their services across Europe and further afield also need global websites.

They need to be able to interact with prospects that operate in a different language. They need to be able to illustrate they are a successful international supplier. They need to increase their global footprint.

What better way to do that than offering your website in a range of languages to suit the markets you wish to develop. The idea is daunting and it’s really expensive right? Wrong, major misconception. We won’t bore you with the technical details behind multilingual or localised websites but it’s important to highlight the potential benefits.



Increase Your Slice of the “Global Pie”

Localising your content will allow you to tap into target markets and make your products and services more appealing to those markets.


Build Credibility

By making the effort to speak to your audience in their native language, potential consumers will see that you’re a serious and experienced international player that delivers.


Increase Customer Engagement

As you build credibility and users continue to have positive experiences on your website, they are more likely to further their interactions with your business in the future.


Consumer Brand Identity

Another benefit derived from your website localisation efforts will be global brand recognition. If you show an ability to speak the language of your target market through the messaging on your website, they are much more likely to identify with your brand and more likely to use your business as a solution to their needs.


SEO Benefits

The online landscape is more competitive than it’s ever been and the need for SEO relevancy is higher than ever before.  SEO keywords are the most competitive in English, but in languages other than English, there is significantly less competition. Take advantage of this and grow your company globally.


A Cost Effective Alternative for Global Business

Creating a multilingual website allows businesses to “test the waters” and “dabble” in new markets without fully investing in a new team, distributors or bricks and mortar. Physical presence in international markets requires significant overhead. Hence, it makes perfect sense to test the waters with a localised or multilingual website before making the leap.


New Customers and Increased Sales

The ultimate goal, and hopefully the inevitable results are more customers and an increase in sales. The key to customer acquisition and increased sales is a good strategy with solid execution.

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