IMS Marketing will be taking part in Goal’s ‘Duvet Day’.

IMS Marketing are delighted to be taking part in this year’s Goal Duvet Day. Goal Duvet Day was conceived to encourage businesses to help provide vital funds for some of the most vulnerable communities across the developing world and have some fun in the process!

IMS Marketing will be helping to raise funds for Goal by raffling a day off for one lucky employee, and donating all proceeds to GOAL.

How Will It Work?

  • We have signed up to Duvet Day and completed the registration form to take part.
  • We have asked our colleagues to take part and purchase a ticket to the price of €10.00, and we will host a draw on the 28th of April and announce the winner.
  • The winner will receive a day off work and free pizza courtesy of Apache Pizza!


Last year, over 100 companies took part in the event.  A wide range of businesses took part, a list that included Barclays Bank, VHI, Coca Cola, Nypro, Vodafone and Xilinx to name a few, all gathering their staff to raffle off an extra day’s annual leave, and enjoy some Apache pizza and most of all help raise much needed funds for GOAL.

In 2015 Duvet Day raised €50,000 for GOALS company programmes.

GOAL is an international aid agency operational in 18 countries, delivering a wide range of humanitarian and development programmes across emergency response, health, child protection and livelihoods. This includes Syria, GOAL’s largest programme, where they have been operational since 2012.

In 2015 alone GOAL delivered food, water, shelter & sanitation to over 850,000 Syrians. And recently, GOAL has launched a new programme in Turkey, to support some of that country’s 2 million Syrian refugees.

GOAL rapidly responds to disasters with one key objective which is to keep people alive. This usually means getting water, food and shelter to survivors. The GOAL team was on the ground 48 hours after the Nepal Earthquake struck on 25th April this year.

All money raised from GOAL’s Duvet Day will help support their programmes in some of the most vulnerable communities across the developing world.

Without campaigns such as Duvet Day, they would not be able to help these vulnerable men, women & children across the world.

€10 will get you a raffle ticket to Duvet Day, but more importantly €10 will get:

  • A GOAL Beneficiary in Syria two winter blankets
  • A GOAL Beneficiary in Uganda a charcoal stove
  • A GOAL Beneficiary in Ethiopia a new mosquito net

If you think this is something you or your company would be interested in or you would like more information please contact Alan Vard, the National Campaigns Manager for GOAL Ireland.

TEL: 01 2809779 | MOB: 086 6084994l EMAIL: [email protected]